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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday morning, syrup and pancakes

saturday, august 21
pittsburgh, pa

drove 5 hours from cleveland yesterday to teach in pittsburgh
staying at some kind soul's house i never met yet, smells like cats
doesn't make much difference to me anymore, where i lay my head

saturday morning
woke up remembering how you move inside me like syrup and pancakes with melting butter
you standing in the doorway naked with a cup of coffee
rubbing your belly
which is not rock hard like the infomercials
but soft with honey bear fuzz, and thick around the waist like a real man
and how we used to make love in the mornings
before breakfast,
after breakfast
we used to say we had to charge the worlds battery by creating friction with our magnetic parts
well, i guess the world is still runnin'
because these days
i don't see so much of you anymore
and sometimes i just want to wrap my legs around you
to feel the assurance of your arms
the sweat of our bellies as you slide inside
and we make a solemn prayer
sometimes looking into each others eyes and sometimes looking far away
to the stars
and sometimes it seems like it should be as easy as making a phone call
or buying a plane ticket
but somehow, it's not that easy at all
the same magnetic force that used to pull you into me
now seems to be pushing us apart

and i mine my misery for art
to tell my story
of sin and redemption
of love and loss
like a good country song, except in my version,
everything you lose will come back again


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  2. like a good country song...the party ain't over til someone gets their heart broke.