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Monday, August 16, 2010

India coming soon

monday, august 16
mentor, ohio

a response to an email from my dear friend and guide in india, rohan

dearest rohan-ji
what a sweet joy to get your email!
and we are very close now because i have been thinking of you a lot lately.
so much looking forward to time together again. i am writing, writing, writing a book rohan. so much has been changing for me this year.

i still want to go to assam as sadhus with you with only begging bowl on steps of the kali temple, we will love the mother together. we will feel her love in the warm sun, we will not need food. let's take a pilgrimage there and fast for 10 days in december. we are together on this journey rohan-ji, in a very special way.

just had my heart a bit bruised from dating someone recently, really so much ache about the sadness of my father not being in my life. what to do? learn to love. again and again.

we will make the plan for you to meet us at devipuram nov 1. and then we will travel and such at least until dec 10, i may go to turkey then, or i may stay longer in india.

you are like my dark guadian angel, always watching over me.
you are a warrior for devi, the holy mother.
we are remembering who we are in this lifetime.
we will not soon forget even when the world wants us to go back to sleep, we will keep waking up.

loving you
psalm devi-ji

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