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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Heart of Tantra Manifesto

TANTRA is not about sexual freedom or sexual control, it is about worship as a doorway to accepting the raw, naked moment of what is, the ground you are standing on is the ground to TRUTH...the BODY you are living in is spirit made flesh. can you stand naked in this moment with me and sustain the gaze? i worship YOU.

to integrate sexual energy with spiritual energy and experience oneness through the other, first you must experience oneness with yourself. why are you split? why is sex split from spirit? we are ashamed, we have run from the garden of eden covering our nakedness (innocence). For of such (childlike innocence) is the Kingdom of God.

the kingdom of heaven is within us and around us, not an imaginary place in the sky or a reward after we is in the living, breathing NOW...know yourself and you will be known. in ritualistic temple tantra we worship the body as the home of god, and by showering our adoration on the human form, we claim our wholi-ness back.

we fear the body, we fear death. sex brings birth, which brings death. we are split. we want birth without death. pleasure without pain. love without loss. so the real tantra is weaving together the opposites, becoming a master. in tantra, there are techniques to pierce the veil of "ordinary reality", but they are disorienting to the mind.
Because the MIND has perceived things as smaller than they are. When we see they are bigger, the mind is confused. "Where am i?" "Who am i?" "what life am i waking up to in the morning?" "Whose dream did i buy into?"
These are questions many people spend their lives keeping busy to avoid. Who asks these questions? The heart and soul ask these questions. When you start asking these questions, your life might begin to change, and it might scare you.
would you light your own house on fire because your tears taste sweet to you? totality of pleasure and pain, the feminine chaos as a teacher. stir the shakti pot. you have to want more. burn your old dwelling places down to find a new home.

Because we fear DEATH, we also fear comes from the animalistic urge to pro-create, which is fueled by sensual DESIRE, so that the SEED fertizes the EGG. This seed matures and is born through the mouth of the woman's body. This is all feminine. Women are sex. Show me the culture where they cover the man's body in fabric to control the lust of the women. Women cause men to desire, inside the woman is the flame of SHAKTI, the magnet of DESIRE for sensual desire, for joining. If you are afraid of death/life, than you will be afraid of DESIRE, SHAKTI and WOMAN. and so we live in a state of PATRIARCHY now. we are afraid of the SHAKTI, the MOTHER. in goddess worship, we return to loving the DIVINE MOTHER. of course we must also love the DIVINE FATHER, but because of the patriarchal imbalance we find ourselves in now, i find it most beneficial to turn in the direction of the divine feminine and from that love, i will meet the divine masculine, since they are mated partners.

TANTRA means WEAVING...weaving light and dark, conscious and subconscious, matter and spirit, right and wrong, life and death and RE-BIRTH...yes the distances between you and i and us and god...weaving the fabric and the vagina 0's and penis 1's are just the binary code...what's the intelligence behind the binary code??? that's the exploration of inner and outer space...doing and un-doing...melting, blending, alchemizing...

the dual dissolves into the non-dual, but the the One becomes two and that is the hard part because the feeling of separation comes again. a lot of spiritual practice is chasing the Oneness instead of learning to move skillfully between non-dual and dual, as consciousness clearly chooses to do. if we only seek oneness, we will fall short in the human experience, which our souls chose to experience opposites. For what greater purpose of Gods have we smaller gods met face to face in this lifetime? Tantra is a play of the gods (you and me).

it is a problem to try to define liberation, samadhi, these spiritual words become like opiate for the masses, what does "love" mean?, "enlightenment"? anyone who has experienced these cannot explain them...

when i teach TANTRA workshops i say, "i'm not promising you anything. not a better orgasm, not a soul mate or enlightenment". all these concepts are commercialized and it is easy to make a lot of money pushing people's buttons ...But the goal you may begin with may be just the trick to get you in the door.
my guruji says the problem with tantra is people just wanting to get their kicks. but then he sighed and said, "but what's so wrong with kicks?"

FREEDOM is found by the individual. It is a process of individuating, becoming who you really are. It can feel like a lonely, painful process. Luckily, we have grace and guides. It is important to find a teacher. You cannot mimick your teacher, but you can follow their example to becoming a mature, spiritual grown up. Meaning take responsibility to be who you are in this life. Stop projecting and blaming all your relations, politics, etc for keeping you from realizing your dreams, your power, your freedom. FREEDOM comes from within.

It is also true that we live in a world where there is a great deal of suffering. So your own freedom is intrinsically connected to doing works with your hands to change the world in it's physical form as well. FREEDOM comes from service and LOVE.

Spoken words contradict themselves. Words are like teachers, they can only point the way. You must navigate the way on your own.

The TANTRA that can be spoken is not the TRUE TANTRA.


  1. NICE! Thank you for sharing & writing this..Tantra IS freedom & this info is so needed in the confused world--especially in the US we're so unnaturally puritanically repressed. It's so sad how we've come to view the beauty of sexuality & exported our warped visions around to the also-repressed-by-religions-&-other power-mongers-in-the-world thru our commercial media...MAY YOUR WORK BE BLESSED & SHARED & MAY PEOPLE BE READY FOR IT! LOVE Zeeva®

  2. thank you zeena! may pittsburgh be ready for the message tonight, and may i be a worthy messenger. thy will be done, by grace alone... jai ma!