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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cowgirl abalone sky

tuesday, july 13

pine ridge reservation, south dakota

yesterday i rode 8 hours on my yellow horse through the prairie,
like a real cowgirl
my riding companion said i'm not a real cowgirl yet
because i rode a horse but i haven't rode a cowboy
not a real one anyways, he says.

i rode the wild horses on the prairie
i don't ask to be forgiven,
i ask to be free
i won't be broken
i will keep becoming me
i offer you my heart, but no apologies

my love is naked and i will make you see me
no insurance policies
just this (now) beating moment of what is

i won't be caught
i am dancing barefoot in the wild wheat
under the abalone sunset sky
of blues and grays and pink quartz clouds
shimmering magical iridescence like a shell
silver sage of ocean prairie
wild tall grasses magic carpet ride
magic is not reliable
but it's far more magical
mode of transportation through this life


  1. sounds like your riding companion was tryin' to get laid. ;)

    that's the spirit i love, woman. dance in the bare pink underbelly of wildness.
    dance and make your partner know your name.


  2. yes he was trying to get laid, lol
    had to tell him to work on the horses not me