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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Mysterious Mother Manifesto

The Mysterious Mother Manifesto

Sisters and Brothers
It is time to wake the Mysterious Mother, the latent force sleeping inside us. Why are we afraid of our power? Because we are afraid of our responsibility. If you take your power, you also take your responsibility. This is true for both men and women.

To awaken the feminine, the dark mother, is to call forth from the shadows what we have hidden from ourselves. Our power lies in our personal shadow and the collective shadow. The whole dance of the imbalance of the world and the patriarchy is not imposed on us by physical men, that would be too simple. We collectively, are choosing to project our responsibility and power on the patriarch, so we have something to blame.

In time, all will be revealed. Many live in self-imposed fear of being exposed. This grip of fear limits your holiness, your creativity and exhuberance for your life. This pain is turned onto others in bitterness and blame. Stand for yourself. Be willing to acknowledge your desires. Choosing one thing costs you another. This is the way of things and cannot be avoided. There is a restless part of you that knows this is true.

Prayer and ritual create a bridge to what we have hidden from ourselves and help with the undoing of shame and the cowardice of projection. The reclaiment of our wholeness and perfection. Which is not an idea sold to you in a book about dead gods, but the living force of Spirit animating each of us. The road is strewn with rocks. That is the way of the human life. To play in the world of opposites, formless and form. Learn to love the friction and the contraction and expansion as the dance of the undulating universe. Learn to love the universe.

Don't burn the books and bibles you grew up with. They are the key. Read them with new understanding, separating the wheat from the chaf. Because it is this way with all things. There is an outer form and a hidden understanding. Read from your heart, read in meditation and trance and you will find the meaning for yourself. Reclaim the books of power, reclaim the names of God.

Your body is not your shame. Your body is not your fall from grace. Your body simply is, as this world simply is. Acceptance brings great power. Pleasure brings great power. Pain brings great power. This cannot be explained to the mind, but is felt as the deepest truth in the cells of the body. Trust your body again. It holds the lock and the key to understanding all the Mysteries.

The disciples asked Jesus, what will happen in the end times. Jesus said, do you already know the beginning that you seek to know the end? Know the beginning and you will understand all things.

Be humble. The beginning is the body. The beginning is the breath. The inhale is birth and the exhale is death. The mother is the beginning and the father is the end. The mother is inside the father, and the father is inside the mother. Your birth is inside your death, and your death is inside your birth. These are mystical saying revealed to those with the desire to know. Study your breath and you study all things. None of us are free from the needs of the body, because the body is God.

Who touches my most innermost me? The breath touches my most innermost me. Spirit touches my most innermost me. Through my heart, you can awaken my most innermost me and touch my fragility with the tender fingers of your most innermost being. There is work we can only do alone, and work we can only do together. Both are necessary in remembering who we are.

Will sobriety bring me holiness? Will walking naked through the desert in supplication and self denial bring me holiness? Will indulging the senses bring me holiness? Will losing myself in a thousand nights of pleasure bring me holiness? The way is not this or that, right or left. The way is a personal wakefulness. Train yourself to stay awake.

How many lifetimes have I suffered? In this lifetime I choose not be a martyr or a saint, but to be all of me. I am not a virgin or a whore. I am vast, I hold all the universe and more.

The first time I came with water, this time I come with fire. Both are cleansing. Fire makes you brighter. Give yourself more deeply to the taste of your own tears, give yourself more deeply to your laughter and to the shadows that make your play at night. Know yourself, and you will be known.

Pray with me at the church of the human experience. Be humbled by love and heartbreak. Live the passions with reckless abandon because in truth, you can only be who you are.

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