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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the attic and the basement

in my house there is room for light and shadow
as a little girl, i play in the attic and the basement
i imagine many things in the bare bones architect of my mind

inside myself the father and mother are making love
i ride the serpent and the dove
i crawl from the fecund root of my womb
to scratch with hungry fingers out of the
watery bloody sea sack that has born me
to emerge panting
fresh oxygen cutting my newfound lungs like knives
carving my heart open
to feel, to feel
i will not be numb
i will stay awake
through the pleasure and the pain
the love and the loss

i will not be ashamed of my form and flesh
that is spirit manifest
i sing, i hum, i howl
i wear all the masks
i tell the truth and i lie
and someday i will die
and the mother will desire me to be born to dance
in her creation in flesh again
and again i will say yes
fuck yes
to the invitation

1 comment:

  1. Missing your poignant, pointed and rooted observations on Self, on the Other and the often wonderfulness of it all.