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Thursday, March 11, 2010

malaria of love

what is this
that pulls me further and further towards the rythmic shores of no where?

i hear my heart calling
like a parched earth cracking open, making room to be filled with

my heart hides the secret
(like shocking pink mouth of the fig)
she is always thirsty

there aren't enough people to satisfy her thirst
for this thunder love
shaking my inner landscape, making trembling,
unlacing my most inside heart

my eyes are always searching
the further horizon
for this
as if they know what
i have long ago forgotten
that in this lifetime i will never be satisfied

i journey on in my shape shifting boat of dreams

glimpses of stupefying beauty fill the horizon
and i rest in each one as if it were an eternity
like the pink sunset sweetly revealing herself for a few moments
as the softly folds of a woman's skin
before swallowing herself into the night
the honey calls to follow the mystery

i do not know what makes my heart so tender and love come on like an exotic sickness
like a malaria of love

still, everywhere i go, i think of you

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