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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tantrika Mercenaries Comic Book Pitch

Tantrika Mercenaries Comic Book Pitch:

The day will come when the 10 most powerful white men running the patriarchy will have to come beg at the feet of the tantrika mercenaries, who are hidden in their underground volcano lair on a private island near tahiti.

They will respond to the call, emerging from their hideout in amphibious land rovers and p1800 volvos to save the world. They are armed with their patented Love Guns with Wake-up Bullets. They push the button of their astronomical orgasm bombs which explode rainbow pleasure skittle rain on the unsuspecting sleep walkers of earth who have forgotten the divine birthright of pleasure and playfulness to unlock the great cosmic mystery.

Occasionally, the tantrikas take on a male minion to train in the indescribably potent jedi tantrik sex majik techniques. He also helps maintain the p1800 volvo and service under the hoods of the tantrikas to give them tune ups, oil changes and lube jobs to keep their engines purring.

The tantrikas are a mix of Marvel Comic book heroes:
Viking Goddesses
Gypsy Enchantresses
Amozinian Sorceresses

They have 8 arms each
They ride dragons, prehistoric bats, lions and tigers

"She secretly longs to ride the dragon of the wind, squeezing the serpent powers bewteen her thighs. There are snakes in her hair and in her eyes."

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