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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Jasmine Garden

los angeles

monday, may 17

On the pedestrian sidewalk of this grey monday morning, i was seduced. i was compelled to stop and lose my senses in the full honeyed jasmine, with their tissue white faces and pink tender stems, petals parting just for my curious nose, petals still heavily dripping the morning dew. i lost myself to somewhere full of light and wonder. i breathed and sucked in the perfume until i was the smell. until i was the precious flower herself.
"I, Lalla, enter the jasmine garden...
where Shiva and Shakti were making love.

I discovered them,
and what is this,
to me, now?...

I seem to be here,

but really I'm walking.
in the jasmine garden."

"is this really real?"
-yoko ono

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