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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cowgirl Love Junkie

i wake the serpent in her hole
poking with a stick, laughing like a lunatic
stirring the shakti pot
the honey
the amrit
comes oozing out of my sacrum in a slow serpentine crawl to my heart
pressing her in all directions so she bruises and cracks
and the honey oozes out
and creeps up the back of my neck to tickle
sweet treacle on my tongue
i remember
love is
i can smell and taste it

i put butter on my burnt toast
and cream and sugar in my black coffee
because i like my darkness to taste rich, creamy and sweet

i worship the everyday moments that transcend
the veils are flickering thin
is the homeless woman on the stoop mary the mother of jesus?
is jesus on the cross in agony or ecstasy?
i have seen the same expression on my lovers face as he chokes his seed into an explosive release
and drops sweaty and panting onto my chest
for the moment
until she surges and rises within

i am a cowgirl love junkie
riding the train
shooting innocent passengers with my
love gun
wake up bullets

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