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Friday, April 16, 2010

Doing the devil's work in the bible belt

friday, april 17
cleveland, ohio

love from cleveland, detroit, chicago
corn fields with billboards for churches on one side of the road
and for porn shops on the other
love from another strip mall where i bang out tantric manifestos on my cracked mac
cracked and smeared yellow from tumeric powder in india
exotic lands are far from this daily grind of another court yard marroitt,
another starbucks coffee shop
i eat the road every day like a lustful demoness

i spread the good word of tantra, a sacred road dog for god in the bible belt
doing devi's work, so often called the devil's work
me and my demons we get a kick out of this
as we sit in the back of the classroom giggling and throwing spit wads in the proverbial gears of sanctimonious spirituality
my sufi teacher used to say when someone was full of it
"you make me boring"
yes, self righteousness makes me boring
burn the light that you are

i'm not here to make apologies for the wildness in me
i won't go quietly with the music still in me
i will dance and dance
til my bones shake
til my heart aches and breaks
til i fall down laughing at myself and everyone around me
sucking the marrow out of life
one day at a time

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