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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Follow your ecstasy!

Hyderabad, India
Jan 31

What do I believe? I was recently asked to contribute to a book about belief. I believe in a lot of things, but what is most essential? Once I send it off, I will forever be nailed to the spot in this book of collected artist, activists and writers.  I want my belief to be as good as everybody else’s. I want my belief to be so good that it could start a new religion. I want my belief to convey my deep sense of spirituality and the importance of my thoughts. I want my belief to change the world.

I am writing this on a plane in India. There is a very white almost transparent young man with red hair, freckles, a tie and clean pressed white collared shirt and slacks in the aisle across from me. He must be a Mormon missionary. He looks out of place in a sea of bright colored saris. A few rows back there are two women covered head to toe in black burkas with only their eyes showing. They must be Muslim. I smile when I think about the Mormon trying to convert the Muslim women and the difference in their “uniforms”. We all have to believe in something, it organizes the Mystery.

Name: Psalm Isadora
Occupation: Tantric Yoga Teacher

I believe that God is a giant vagina in the sky. I believe that this Universal Mother Goddess is alive and well and re-birthing herself to teach us about laughing more and taking ourselves less seriously. I believe that good sex can save the world, one orgasm at a time, why not? Not just good sex of course, but learning to feel worthy and love ourselves and give and receive intimacy. I know it's shocking but I believe God wants us to have fun and pleasure! We have been programmed to feel guilty about experiencing pleasure and shame is one of the biggest things holding back our evolution. We have to break our conditioning to expand our limited beliefs about who we are and what we can do.

I believe that we are essentially good but have been taught not to trust ourselves. I believe that our essential nature is love and that everything has been created from the throb of desire for God to have a love dance with itself. You are God and I am God meeting on the dance floor of life to have a dance in the Divine theater. We dance our angels and demons, our light and our shadow. Our only job is to remove the negativities that keep us from the intimacy of experiencing ourselves and each other as unconditional love. This is not always easy, to heal ourselves, to face our fear and transform it back into love, but that is the spiritual transformation all mystical paths seek.  When we can see all things as beautiful, even the difficult things, then we can experience our freedom. We are the creators of our destinies. I believe that how we live and treat each other is more important than what we say we believe in. People are more important than religions. There are many ways to pray- singing, dancing, yoga, meditation and rituals. All paths lead to the same Source. I believe we cannot wait for heaven, but are responsible to create heaven on earth through love, beauty and empathy.

I believe in freedom. When we are happy, God is happy- so follow your ecstasy!


  1. Oh so true Psalm! I truly believe every word you so elegantly expressed, and when we are fully present wherever and with whomever then Life is even more fun!!

  2. This was beautiful. Such a nourishing, vivacious, living loving, licking kissing Mystery! Thank you and Blessed be!