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Monday, February 13, 2012

Tantrik temple ritual

photo by julianne reynolds taken in Jan during the tantrik india pilgrimage

Devipuram Temple, India

KAMAKHYA...temple of the mothers genitals...

there is internal and external puja ritual worship to the Goddess
external temples can be built on the earth, but the internal temple is in the body

we can have bhoga and moksha, pleasure and freedom
the Mother is happy when we work and loves us when we play

a ritual bath is given to awaken kundalini at the root and send the shakti sleeping there to meet her lover shiva at the crown, their twinning opening the mystical central channel shushumna, called "the bridal chamber" by gnostics.

shushumna doesn't open except by love and longing, that's why it is called the bridal chamber, first they must be married two as One, red and white channels of the sun and moon become rose petal pink at the third eye, the pineal gland.

the energy of their maithuna union flows with amrit (nectar of immortality) and overflows, making the thousand petal lotus at the crown of the head blossom, connecting form to formless, two becomes the mystic One, and Sri, grace, rains down to feed the root and begin the never ending cycle again.

Through desire we manifest to experience ourselves as god in form. Through desire we experience ourselves through playfulness. The serpent devours her own tail to begin again.

tantra has a history of secrecy from the uninitiated.
why throw pearls before swine? you will only be ridiculed and punished the saying goes...
those who know do not speak...but if we do not speak how can we share the light we have seen through this path?


  1. क्या आपका ये वास्तविक Profile picture है ?

  2. Thank you Goddess <3.I would love to connect in together as we have much to share ;-).