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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tantrika on monogomy and polyamoury...

thursday, april 7
gibsonia, pennsylvania

i got an email from a tantrika sister

"As a tantrika, I find it appealing to explore my love freely, to explore the depths and heights of my sexual power and my own capacity to love, transform, heal and co-create magick. As a magician, I recognize that my magickal intelligence is in part formed through my capability to be, do and flow through or with any person(or thing) as I perceive them (or it) to be in a sense, a part of my own being. Loving, intimate and erotic relationships offer a unique opportunity to explore the perception of the self in relation to the other. In this way the sense of self expands through selfness, selflessness and oneness with all.

I believe that the tantrika is inherantly polyamorous. What do you think?"

yes i believe a tantrika is inherantly polyamorous but i believe that the word polyamory and its western definition often fall short of it's layered meaning for me

i do not know if i could love monogomously
it seems to be a thing that comes in the beginning very strong when i meet someone who truly turns me on
all my energy goes into the flame with them and i want to nourish that one seed
i notice it isn't my mind that does this
rather, it is like a force of nature
(are we really so different from dogs sniffing each others asses?
meat puppets for the potent alchemy of god's pheromones?)
as there are phases to the moon, there are phases to loving

sometimes the love waxes and sometimes it wanes
sometimes it is completely full and other times completely empty
one of the interesting things about comparing love to the moon
is that the full moon is the time of endings
when the fruit is most ripe, it is about to fall from the tree
and decay, ripeness giving way to deconstruction of one form
to feed the earth and become another
when my loving is as full as a full moon
as ripe as a big cheese moon
i hate to think it is about to fall
but isn't that what we see in nature around us all?

and when the moon is empty, desolate
that emptiness is close to being filled again
but it is so hard to see in the darkness, in the emptiness of the grave
where the formless mystery is stirring her sweet cauldron of spells
to surprise us as they mature and are animated into form

i have hurt many hearts and my heart has born much hurt
i like to stay in the game, keep my heart open
in that way i am a player
i do not have any specific philosophy on monogomy and polyamory
it seems people are wired different
some more towards stability and monogomy
some more towards freedom and polyamory
what i do notice is people tend to preach their path
the monogomists think it is highest to connect and find your many faces through long term union with one other face
and polyamorists think it is highest to let go of attachment and let loving come and go freely through many faces

i think i am both polyamorist and monogomist depending on my season and reason
and add a third, because i often travel my path alone with long periods of celibacy
(nobody expects that from the tantrika!)
maybe you could call that unigomist?

shakti energy is freedom energy
is it possible to drink from the left hand cup and not stir the chaos cauldron for societal monogomy?
that would probably be difficult.
i practiced tantra in secret while i was married
i fell in love with other men too
i am not married anymore
i have had men ask for me to give myself to them only and i have said no
i have wanted to give myself to one man only and sometimes they say no
i change my mind
but so the moon changes her costume
i do not think i am fickle
i move to the rythm of nature and change

there are many people espousing free love who are not in a right way with themselves
and they are using the others bodies
let's hope they are maturing
there are many who judge others sexual energy and who make cages out of monogomy
lets hope they can be less afraid
either can be a way to hide
most important i think, is the self enquiry to be willing to look and see who we are
no more free love, now it's real love!

this tantrika is not monogomous because she is making love to every atom of all the the worlds!

p.s. i reserve the right to change my mind

kamakhya devi


  1. > it definitely seems worth it to, yes, as someone said, be "try-amorous"--try on different modes of being depending on the dynamics of each relationship,

    Yeah. Beyond bisexuals are trisexuals: people who will try anything

  2. Last line in our wedding vows, when we married (first marriage for both) at age 52--"Our marriage is an act of freedom."

  3. I do not see how I could promise to love only one person and "forsake all others" ... as I have come to see all others as part of myself ... and I will not forsake my Self. Thank you for this beautiful entry :)

  4. Do you suppose its possible that what u r referring to is desire/love, different from this pure God-love. which is like an infinite beam of radiant joy of all that exists and being created.. keeping everything together...

    by all means love with the people and energies one meets

    but love cant really be adequately expressed in words? it all fails, it simply IS?

  5. This blog captures the many thoughts I have always had regarding monogamy and the many other forms of loving others and in essence the Self. It is true that what works for one does not have to work for all others. We are all unique, and we each come to Earth with layers we are peeling away to come to true intimacy with the Self, whether through monogamy or polygamy. It is beautiful to read from such a free and honest view point. Yes, it is important to be open to changing your mind. Love is Freedom, you can have freedom in a relationship or being single because true freedom starts with the Self.

    Thank God/ddess for Free Will! :)