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Friday, March 25, 2011

what is tantra?

i got this question today via email:

hey psalm, what is tantra anyways... It can't just be a bunch of sex positions - there's gotta be something more to it than that right?!

tantra is life
and sex
and death
tantra is existential philosophy
tantra is worship and devotion to the mystery
tantra is punk rock to main stream spirituality
a bloody steak to a vegan
a carrot to a carnivore
tantra is the sweet love of the dark mother

sex is part of life
it's how we got here, so tantra looks at sex too
how can we try to figure out where we are going if we can't even look where we are coming from? how are you going to contemplate eternity when you are blind to everything below your belly button?
make an ally of desire

the disciples asked jesus,
"what will happen in the end?"
and jesus said,
"do you already know the beginning that you seek to know the end? seek to know the beginning and you will know all things."
sex is the beginning
god/goddess is abwoom the sacred father/mother god
the fertilizes seed at the center of creation
that is the architecture of sacred geometry, inside every manifestation, our human bodies
the fertilized egg, the central point of you and me
our whole bodies are a mandala of whirling arms and legs unfurling around that central seed
father/mother god, sacred abwoom

jesus also said, "there was a day when one became two. on the day two become one what will you do?"
sex is the joining of two bodies, but so much more than that
the physical body is only one layer covering the soul
what is the purpose of the body? it is a covering of the soul
we have 5 bodies
multiply by 2 people= 10 bodies, 10 mergings of the coverings of the soul
divide by 10 and you have zero= we are all one, coming from one source
the 0 is the sacred geometry for the yoni, the womb

big bellied, dark eyed one
the whole universe is her costume

on the day when 2 become one again, what will you do?

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