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Saturday, February 12, 2011

loneliness and fulfillment

sunday feb 12
kauai, hawaii

a woman came up to me at the end of a satsang last night, she said, "do you feel alone sometimes?"
i said, "yes".
i am grateful in my life everywhere i go anymore i am moving in the grace of this energy of the mother since i have fully commited myself to serving her. everywhere i go in the world, every patch of earth i touch down, whether hawaii, india, detroit, i am immediately surrounded by allies, friends and students...and it is very fulfilling. still the fulfillment doesn't mean i don't feel loneliness and the loneliness doesn't mean i don't feel fulfilled. i dance with the dorge (sword), i surrender to the sweet blade, cutting away everything unessential, and it cuts me open as it cuts me in two...fulfillment and longing...we are one and we are two...we are a multitude.

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