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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

everywhere i go

he says, "your home is the world or the world is your home. choose one."

is this your dream i am dreaming?
i am drunk on nothing
i follow a path leading to nowhere
i fall asleep on the temple steps
i dream of burning
prophets wandering from the wilderness speaking in tongues
we live on locusts, milk and honey
it has been many days since we brushed our hair

still, everywhere i go i think of you
the skin of my lips so tender
to the smallest breeze
even the wind has fingers,
i keep my secret smile for myself
who gave me this lovers mouth?
she is hungry

he sleeps next to me, my friend
he is dark as cedar
skin shining and smooth
long and thin of body
and still, i think of you
i blink, another friend,
i blink, another friend
lovers come and go like waves
sometimes smooth and sometimes tsunami
will i be forgotten?
i do not like to be forgotten.

maybe my teacher is mad. crazy.
of course, he says.
we are crazy weirdos, embrace the crazy ecstasy
in any case, it is too late to turn back now
if this road leads to heaven or hell

he says, "there are three fires in this life,
the fire of lust,
the fire of hunger,
the fire of death"

the Mother is laughing at me

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