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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Careful...You get what you pray for...

a morning full of strange warnings? got 2 emails with strangely ominous quotes about the trouble with answered prayers, both from people who came on a yoga retreat where i talked a lot about prayer:

"Now wondering, how is it that when a prayer is answer the emotional body acts so weird (shocked), the mind thinks it's unexpected (and wonders how it missed the signs) and the heart is in such pain to have a release a closure...

Now this phrase comes to me"careful what you pray for, as it may come true and one may wish it wasn't."

and the next email...

"We spoke a bit about the twin edged experience of having one's prayers answered. This poem reminded me of that:

I am amazed at the seeker of purity
who when it's time to be polished
complains of rough handling. "

wondering what answered prayers are about to kick me in the butt...

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  1. "oh, the dream that makes a sparrow fly can make an eagle fall, and one that makes a rich man money, it ain't no dream at all. it's a cryin' shame to wake up just to find a family broke in careful what you're dreamin', 'cause it someday may come true." ~hal ketchum